"Being talked about"
Do advertisers actually set out to
annoy the nation?

The UK's most irritating ads

285 The Marketing/TNS annual survey of the UK's most irritating ads sparks the question: do advertisers actually set out to annoy the nation?

Ask any marketer what they think about appearing on the list over the years and the chances are that they will say they are 'honoured'. A brand's presence in this table proves it has stuck in consumers' minds.

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Marketing challenge for 2009
Plan for the day when all communications between you and your customers happens via e-mail and the Internet
Commit to E-Mail this year

iStock_000001640884Small If we are able to commit to anything within the marketing world these days, it must be the mandate to migrate our marketing and communications programs into the interactive arena.

If there's any doubt in anyone's mind that e-mail messaging will be the primary channel of 2009, methinks you must have the worst of all holiday hangovers.

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£250,000 to be set aside for struggling businesses
Loans deal set up for struggling businesses
Portsmouth City Council come up trumps

iStock_000006626506XSmall Cash strapped small businesses will be able to ask Portsmouth City Council for cheap loans to help see them through the economic crisis.

Council leaders have given the go-ahead for £250,000 to be set aside for struggling businesses that cannot get loans from the banks.

It means businesses which meet a certain string of criteria will be able to apply for loans of up to £10,000 to be match-funded by banks.
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The Penguin Parade and Smirnoff - great graphics
Cream Studios creatively creamy portfolio
Let us have your comments to this choice



We want you to relax and enjoy these creatively creamy  shots from Cream Studios.

Watch out for the Penguin Parade,the Smirnoff ones and especially the Sportsbloc graphics. There are 112 shots and the quality is top of the range right through.

Enjoy and let us have your comments to this choice.

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The Monty Python crew
And now...the Monty Python channel on YouTube
Classic sketches, all in great quality video.

Monty-Python-Monty-Pythons-Fly-306805 How timely. With the world going to hell in a handbasket, the Monty Python crew have launched its own official YouTube channel, populating it with a number of classic sketches, all in great quality video.

First up, the team tell us why they have started the enterprise:

And now our favourite Python sketch of all..

Talk to The Alchemy Network
Get more customers, increase your sales, turnover and profits
The Alchemy Network
48ea8801-0008c-00a19-400cb8e1 If you need to get more customers, increase your sales, turnover and profits – or if you need to grow your business but are stuck or have run out of ideas then take heart, you’ve come to the right place, we have the solutions…

The Alchemy Network is a dynamic international business development consulting organisation that operates in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Nigeria.

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British Beer and Pub Association
Six pubs closing every day
39 pubs a week closed in the last six months of 2008

190109-pub1 There has been an increase in the number of pubs that are closing every week across Britain, according to new figures released by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA).

Compiled by CGA Strategy, the figures revealed that 39 pubs a week closed in the last six months of 2008, compared with the 36 a week that closed during the first half of the year.

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All you need to know about the Alchemy Network
Turning your wish
list into reality

David Abingdon, CEO of The Alchemy Network

Many of us have a wish list, David Abingdon, CEO of The Alchemy Network , is one of the few people who knows how to turn that wish list into reality.

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Grow and prosper
16 Golden Rules to Immediately and Massively Grow Your Business
16 Golden Rules

16 Golden Rules to Immediately and Massively Grow Your Business

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Alchemy Business
Acceleration System
A powerful wealth generation machine

How we turn your business into a Powerful Wealth Generation Machine Using The Alchemy Business Acceleration Process.

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